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Healthcare Science Trainees and Supervisors Event Friday 01 February 2019

Registration for this Event is now closed, for further details please contact the NES Conference Team on 0131 656 3215/3216/4378 or

The following presentations and summaries are now available to download:


Summary of E-Learning Workshop

Summary of Human factors Workshop

Summary of Reflective Learning Workshop

Summary of Supporting Trainees Workshop



Does Assuring Training Matter?
Dr Robert Farley

Patients at the Heart of Everything! National Clinical Strategy 
Dr Angus Cameron

Engaging Tomorrow's Scientists and Why Stem is Good For You and the World
Julia Scott and Ann McQuiston

The Threatening Silence of Nocturnal Seizures: A Journey into Applied Research
Dr Ruth Brotherstone


1. NES Healthcare Science and E-Learning
Dr Robert Farley and Katie Edwards

2. What is Learning from Reflection?
Jackie Wales

2.  What is Learning from Reflection?
Claire Cameron

3. Supporting Trainees
Lorna Crawford, Andrew Davies, Laura Cluny, Jaclyn Tolland and Amy Valentine

4. Human Factors
Professor Paul Bowie and Nadine Wilkinson

Delegate e-Pack

Please see below links to the following delegate e-pack resources. 

We ask that you bring copies of any relevant material with you on the day as hard copies will not be available.  Should you experience problems accessing the material please do not hesitate to contact

  • Flyer 
  • Programme

  • Delegate List (Please note that your details will not be on the delegate list if you indicated when registering that you did not wish them to be included)

  • Workshop Allocations (Your workshop allocations will be on the reverse of your badge which you will receive on the day)
  • Workshop Resources: 

    Workshop 1. NES Healthcare Science & E-Learning
    1.  From idea to e-learning resource
    2.  Facilitation of e-learning resource (Revised Version)

    The Healthcare Science site on TURAS Learn is now available to all TURAS Learn users.  The site is at:
  • Posters:
    1.  Common Core List
    2.  Trainees Survey 2018 2019
    3.  Supervisors Survey 2018 2019