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Healthcare Science Trainees and Supervisors Event Friday 01 February 2019

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1. NES Healthcare Science and E-Learning

We are setting up a dedicated Healthcare Science e-learning zone. This will host, on a learning management system, any learning resources authored by the community.

  • What is the learning management system for?
  • What rules should govern such e-content?
  • Are there priority areas for attention?

Let's co-create some rules to help you help us to help you!


Dr Robert Farley, Healthcare Science Programme Director, NHS Education for Scotland

Katie Edwards, Knowledge Manager, NHS Education for Scotland


2. What is Learning from Reflection? 

To explore what we mean by learning from reflection and experience using scenarios.

How reflection can result in a deeper learning outcome?

When compared to other forms of learning, how might reflective practice improve effectiveness?


Jackie Wales, Healthcare Science Lead, Golden Jubilee National Hospital

Claire Cameron, Principal Lead Scientist, NHS Education for Scotland


3. Supporting Trainees

Some lessons from our Special Measures principles.

  • What is normal?
  • What is exemplary?
  • What to avoid?

All trainees require to be supported in various ways but how do we make sure they are being supported appropriately and how much support should they expect? The NES Healthcare Science team are keen to ensure trainees are all being supported at the appropriate level, let's work out what that level is, what resources are currently available and what NES can do to help.


Lorna Crawford, Principal Scientist, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Andrew Davie, Principal Healthcare Science Lead, NHS Education for Scotland

Laura Cluny, Trainee Clinical Scientist, NHS Lothian

Jaclyn Toland, Trainee Clinical Scientist, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Amy Valentine, Trainee Clinical Scientist, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde


4. Human Factors 

What goes wrong in the scientific service - what goes right?

  • To alert people to the importance of HF-E in patient safety / mission critical systems
  • To test people's knowledge of HF-E and awareness of the range of NES resources to support their development
  • To explore specific needs in terms of where people believe HF-E has surfaced in their workspace


Professor Paul Bowie, Programme Director, NHS Education for Scotland

Nadine Wilkinson, Quality Manager, NHS Lothian