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Long Term Conditions Management in Primary Care: A Team Approach Wednesday 05 February 2020

Registration for this Event is now closed, for further details please contact the NES Conference Team on 0131 656 3215/3216/4378 or

You will have the opportunity to attend four workshops throughout the day (one per session, each session will be run twice).  To assist you when making your workshop selection via the booking form please see the descriptions below.


Chronic Pain
Colin Rae, Anaesthetist, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

With ongoing concerns about prescribing for chronic pain, in particular, opioids and gabapentionoids, this workshop will give an update on the evidence base in chronic pain and the focus on alternatives to medications including patient education, supported self management and the multidisciplinary input used in chronic pain services. 

It will give advice on prescription reduction and signpost to useful resources.

Management of Type 2 Diabetes: an overview and priorities at diagnosis
Dr Kashif Ali, Diabetes Primary Care Lead, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

This workshop will include discussions on newer therapies and a focus on lifestyle management within primary care.

Frailty, Multi-morbidity and Polypharmacy in the era of realistic medicine
Dr Graham Ellis, National Clincial Lead for Older People & Frailty, Health Improvement Scotland / Consultant Geriatrician, NHS Lanarkshire

Focusing on management of frailty, multimorbidity and polypharmacy in the era of realistic medicine.

Eczema, Psoriasis and Allergy
Polly Buchanan, Community Dermatology ANP

An update on eczema, psoriasis and the diagnosis and management of common allergies and when to consider referral.

Anxiety in Primary Care
Dr Alisdair Kinniburgh

A practical guide to diagnosis and management of anxiety including self-help, primary care mental health team services and appropriate prescribing of medicines.


Management of Menopause
Heather Currie

A review of the diagnosis of menopause, and the prescribing and monitoring of HRT and other alternative treatments.

Heart Failure: Key Considerations for Primary Care
Paul Forsyth, Specialist Pharmacist, Heart Failure

This session will cover:

  • Diagnosis
  • When to contact secondary care HF teams
  • New medications
  • Palliative care

Managing COPD in 2020
David Anderson, Consultant Respiratory Physician, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

To focus on spirometry interpretation, choice of inhalers, when to refer to secondary care (Oxygen, Lung Volume Reduction Surgery, Non Invasive Ventilation) and diagnosis and treatment of acute exacerbations.

Non-Heroin Drug Dependency in Primary Care
Duncan Hill, Specialist Pharmacist in Substance Misuse, NHS Lanarkshire

The workshop aims to provide attendees with an insight into how the issues of addictions can be addressed in practice, mainly in relation to opiod analgesic dependence, including identification, treatment options and minimising risk of dependence.

Joy in Work and What Matters to You
Jennifer Rodgers, Chief Nurse Paediatric & Neonatal Services, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Joy in work is an essential resource for the process of healing. Good news! Improving joy in work is possible, important and effective by asking “What matters to you”. By understanding what truly matters to staff will enable the identification and removal of barriers to joy.