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Healthcare Science Trainees and Supervisors Virtual and Hybrid Event

8 - 10 February 2023

Deadline for registering: Wednesday 25 January 2023

Healthcare Science Trainees and Supervisors Virtual and Hybrid Event 8 - 10 February 2023

Registration for this Event is now closed, for further details please contact the NES Conference Team on 0131 656 3215/3216/4378 or

This event will be delivered online on 8 and 10 February and in person / hybrid on 9 February.

Our Event
NHS Education for Scotland’s eleventh national healthcare science conference is for you as a trainee or trainer. Our virtual event and hybrid event at COSLA are an eclectic mix of webinars and in person sessions over 3 days. We hope this format presents opportunities for colleagues to engage. Our sessions offer over 5 hours of online topical interest to healthcare science training.

Our virtual event offers the opportunity to showcase your poster work. Regardless of identity, specialty or destination, it is an opportunity to hear about topics of interest to our healthcare science community and to contribute to it.

Our event is free to attend.


Poster Competition for Trainees
What would you tell your 12-year-old self about career choices? Can you design an engaging poster that will inspire S1 students who might already be thinking about what they want to be! Why does your specialty make a difference; why is the science engineering and technology you use so cool. Can you tell them not only the how but the wow! 

For trainees / national training number holders - design a poster that sells your specialty to the next generation of healthcare scientists.

Posters should be A1. We recommend using Microsoft PowerPoint to design them. They should be saved in PDF format and submitted to by 25 January 2023. This is to enable them to be judged by our panel in advance of the event.

All posters will be displayed in an online public gallery and at COSLA on Thursday 9 February, and winners will be announced at COSLA. There will be prizes of £200 for individual submission by a healthcare science trainee, or £700 for joint submissions of up to 3 healthcare science trainees, towards CPD support.


Closing Date for Poster Submissions: 25 January 2023*
*Please send poster pdfs to

Closing Date for Registering: 25 January 2023



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Who Should Attend?

For healthcare science trainees at any stage and their supervisors