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Forthcoming Events

Healthcare Support Worker Learning Event (North): Make Learning Work for You Thursday 28 February 2019

Registration for this Event is now closed, for further details please contact the NES Conference Team on 0131 656 3215/3216/4378 or

Healthcare Support Workers will have the opportunity to attend 2 workshops throughout the day and these can be selected when registering.   For further details please see below.

Please note that Managers will be allocated to workshops.  



Learning to Lead 
Recognise the leadership skills you have and use every day as a support worker in your workplace. Find out more about the different ways every team member leads and contributes to a successful team.


How Do You Like To Learn? 
Did you know we all learn in different ways? Find out more about how you and your colleagues like to learn. This workshop will help you understand the different learning styles and how to make use of these at work.


Ready, Steady, Learn
Want to learn, but not sure where to start? Find out more about making a learning plan, using education pathways for personal and career development and choosing the type of learning that suits you best.


Managers’ Workshops
Recognising and Supporting Learning
Flexible Futures



What Presses Your Buttons? 
This workshop will explore the different interactions we have in the workplace, how they feel and how we react to them. It will introduce some tools and techniques to use to help us manage our reactions. 


Mentoring for Staff 
Have you heard about mentoring? Find out more about supporting others in the workplace, from apprentices, new colleagues to other members of your team. This workshop will give you tips and tools to guide you in supporting colleagues to learn at work.


Getting More Out of Your PDPR Conversation 
Your PDPR conversation should be one of the most meaningful conversations you have in the workplace all year.  Find out how to make it work better and be more meaningful for your personal and career development. 


Managers’ Workshop
Working Together to Encourage a Learning Environment