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The Future of Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care - A Stakeholder Event Monday 09 December 2019

Registration for this Event is now closed, for further details please contact the NES Conference Team on 0131 656 3215/3216/4378 or

The following workshops will offer participants the opportunity to provide their views, opinions and comments on specific elements of developing a new framework for health and social care chaplaincy and spiritual care across Scotland. These will be facilitated discussions. 


Improved Outcomes for Service Users:  With the emphasis on improving outcomes for those who use our services, this workshop offers the opportunity to explore questions such as: What does success look like in the area of Spiritual Care?  What kind of service should users be able to expect?  How does this differ from current provision and what steps need to be taken?


Education and Career Pathways:  We need to understand how we can make health and social care chaplaincy an attractive profession for the future.  In this workshop we will consider how someone becomes a Health and Social Care Chaplain and how we create robust educational and career pathways in response to Chaplaincy becoming a registered profession?


Workforce Planning and Development:  With the current ageing workforce across health and social care, we need to explore how we ensure that there is a sustainable workforce, delivering Spiritual Care and Health and Social Care Chaplaincy for the foreseeable future.  This workshop will provide the opportunity to give your views on this issue and consider questions such as how the workforce could be managed and deployed and what governance arrangements need to be in place to make the service sustainable?


Research and Evidence Base:  The research and evidence base for spiritual care and health and social care chaplaincy needs to be expanded to enable us to demonstrate the innovative work and share the learning from health and social care chaplains and spiritual care across Scotland and beyond.  This workshop offers the opportunity to discuss and explore what a research and evidence base would look like and how and who can contribute to that.