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Forthcoming Events

AHPs in Scotland: Be Appreciated, Be Connected, Be Inspired Hybrid Conference Thursday 02 March 2023

Registration for this Event is now closed, for further details please contact the NES Conference Team on 0131 656 3215/3216/4378 or

You will have the opportunity to attend morning and afternoon workshop sessions.  Please see session descriptors below.  You can select your preferences when you register. 


Morning Workshop Sessions

1. Long Arm Supervision: Making it work for us. This workshop will explore different methods of providing long arm supervision.

2. Peer-Assisted Learning - PAL – your flexible friend. A celebration of how far PAL has come – including exploring opportunities of using PAL as a method of PrBL delivery.

3. Health Care Support Workers and Technicians as Practice Education Facilitators. Exploring a framework to support contribution to the education of the future AHP workforce.

4. Transforming Practice Through Curricula: AHP students; fit for the future. This session will consider key elements of AHP curricula and how they are shaped to enable our graduates to be ready for current and future practice.

5. Preparation for Placement - A multi factorial collaborative approach. Sharing work underway to ensure everyone delivers quality learning experiences for our students.

6. The Changing Landscape. How do new ways of delivering placements adequately prepare students for practice?  

Afternoon Workshop Sessions

These sessions will explore the five themes of the workforce strategy and implications for AHP practice.

1. Plan

2. Attract

3. Train

4. Employ

5. Nurture