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Dr Scott Inglis

Head of Electronic Engineering, Clinical Engineering

NHS Lothian

Scott Inglis completed an MSc in Biomedical Instrumentation Engineering at the University of Dundee in 1996. Where he stayed for a further year to continue his MSc project on baseline restoration of cell impedance analysers, which was published in Medical Engineering and Physics in 1997.

He left Dundee and journeyed to UCL London to develop protocols and instrumentation for the measurement of electrical impedance changes associated with nerve impulse in unmyelinated and C fibres of mixed fibre bundles. He also worked on projects in Electrical Impedance Tomography, and physiological measurements (e.g. nerve conduction, EMG, ECG and EEG). 

He returned to Scotland to join the Department of Medical Physics in NHS Lothian as a clinical scientist. His job has seen him working in fields of clinical instrumentation, optical and non-ionising radiation imaging, including Endoscopy and Ultrasound, and scientific and clinical computing. He completed a PhD Medical Imaging, from the University of Edinburgh, where he developed and evaluated a 3D Endoscopic Ultrasound system.

He is actively involved in ultrasound, endoscopic and image processing research and development within NHS Lothian, and has co-authored 2 book chapters, published a number of journal papers in various fields. He teaches physics of medical ultrasound to FRCR and postgraduate university students and is the supervisor for ultrasound on the clinical scientist training scheme.  He is an honorary lecturer in the University of Edinburgh, and regularly assists in supervision of under and postgraduate students. He has been involved in the development of clinical services including Transnasal Endoscopy, and is currently working on the introduction of a 3D printing service to NHS Lothian. He has recently published a feature article “3D printing in the NHS and healthcare sciences” within IPEM Scope magazine.

His interests include art, drawing, walking, and occasional fitness training. He also enjoys listening to music and going to concerts, watching movies and TV, especially the Big Bang Theory.

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