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Lorna Crawford

Principal Clinical Scientist and Training Officer

West of Scotland Centre for Genomic Medicine

Lorna Crawford is a Principal Clinical Scientist and Training Officer within the West of Scotland Centre for Genomic Medicine. She completed an undergraduate degree in Genetics, followed by a Master’s degree in Medical Genetics before joining NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde in 2002. After completing her Clinical Scientist training in Clinical Cytogenetics, and obtaining a Fellowship of the Royal College of Pathologists she was promoted to the role of Principal Scientist in 2010, managing Prenatal Cytogenetic Services for the West of Scotland.

Genetic services in the West of Scotland has seen many changes over the years with amalgamation of multiple services into Laboratory Genetics. In 2014 Lorna became the Training Officer for Laboratory Genetics, currently overseeing the training of 9 Clinical Scientist trainees and over 100 members of staff. She is involved in training within multiple higher education institutions and holds an honorary lecturer position within the University of Glasgow. She is a member of various committees and works closely with the Association of Clinical Science and the National School of Healthcare Science to assess Clinical Scientist trainees at various points of their training.

Lorna has previously worked with NHS Education for Scotland and the National School for Healthcare Science on a short joint project. In 2018 she took another seconded position within NHS Education for Scotland to become a Principal Lead for Healthcare Science.

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