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Lauren Woods

Nursing Associate

Peterborough City Hospital

Lauren Woods currently works as a Nursing Associate with North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust. Lauren started work at 18 as a waitress in the hospital ward taking on various other roles after this including housekeeper, Healthcare assistant and student nurse. In her time working in these roles Lauren noticed and felt that she was treated differently by people depending on her uniform. This way of thinking is something which didn’t sit right with Lauren as she feels passionate that, “We ALL have vital roles to play and we ALL make a difference”.

Laurens forward thinking encourages us all to make everyone feel valued in what we do within the NHS and that is why she started the campaign “I’m Not Just.” Join Lauren to hear her story and take part in being the change we want to see happen within our NHS.

Twitter: @imnotjust3
Instagram: @imnotjust_

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