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Kieran Monaghan

Advanced Clinical Chemistry Biomedical Scientist

Golden Jubilee National Hospital

Kieran Monaghan graduated from Strathclyde University with a BSc (Hons) in Biomedical Science. He completed his registration portfolio through the non-integrated route while working as a MLA at the Golden Jubilee National Hospital (GJNH). After the registration portfolio Kieran was successful in applying for a biomedical scientist role in the clinical chemistry department within GJNH, and quickly gained a promoted post as the technical lead within the same department, which is his current job.

At the time of writing Kieran has been in post for one year, and has so far led the implementation of two core chemistry analysers, completed a tender process for new blood gas analysers, began the installation process for both the previously mentioned blood gas analysers and new connected glucometers.

He has also been majorly involved in helping the laboratory gain UKAS accreditation. The Golden Jubilee laboratory are actively promoting a cross-discipline training model, which is led by the four technical leads for each department. The departments include clinical chemistry, haematology, blood transfusion and, microbiology.

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