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Kathy McFall

Head of Illustration Services

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Kathy McFall is a Fellow and current Chairman of the Institute of Medical Illustrators (IMI), former editor of the Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine, and a Past President of the Health and Science Communications Association (HeSCA).  Kathy was recipient of the Institute’s Norman K. Harrison Gold Medal in October 2007, and in June 2009, received a Distinguished Service Award from HeSCA for her outstanding level of service and positive energy to the association, and in particular, her role in providing an essential link between these two associations.  Kathy also lectures on behalf of the Medical Humanities Unit at the University of Glasgow.  Last year, Kathy was awarded the Louis Schmidt Laureate Award, the highest honour of the BioCommunications Association (USA), for outstanding contributions to the progress of the profession.

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