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Joyce Leys

Healthcare Science Lead

NHS Grampian

Joyce has had a long career within NHS Grampian. She worked within the Department of Surgery, doing research in hyperbaric medicine, during the early years of North Sea oil and gas exploration, where divers were diving to new depths. Then was involved as a Clinical Physiologist in Respiratory and Sleep medicine latterly as a Head of Department, also engaging with Primary Care around spirometry teaching.

She was on the committee for the Association of Respiratory Technologists and physiologists for a time. Since December 2013 has been the Healthcare Science Lead for NHS Grampian.

Joyce has always been passionate about her own scientific field, and since coming into the Lead post, has had a very interesting and exciting time, where she can be passionate on behalf of other Healthcare Science Staff.

She really enjoys working with scientists, and other colleagues, locally with staff throughout the organisation including Directors within NHS Grampian, and nationally, with NES, and Scottish Government colleagues, and GP’s. Also working with the Healthcare Science Forum, other clinical committees and Scientists who are beginning to have a voice within the organisation.

Joyce says “I have learned a lot over the year about the strategic aspirations of my local organisation, and government, and have engaged and informed staff through Heads of Department and the Healthcare Science forum. I have created a network of people, and have worked hard to raise the profile of Healthcare Scientists wherever I go.

People are always really interested in the work we do, and I promote Healthcare Science at every opportunity”.

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