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Ishbel Gall

Mortuary Manager, NHS Grampian

Chair, Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology

After studying Anatomy at Aberdeen University, Ishbel worked as a cleaner, cellar person and bar manager before landing a research position with the University. After dissecting too many locusts she moved to studying seal scat and finally worked in the cephalopod lab before seeing a “mortuary attendant” post advertised in the paper. Thankfully none of the more appropriately qualified people turned up for the interview so they had to employ the “lassie with the degree”!

Things have moved on over the last 20 plus years and the job has changed considerably in that time as has the range of skills required in the modern mortuary.

The Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology was formed in 2003 and she has been involved with AAPT since soon after its formation. This has allowed Anatomical Pathology Technologists, APTs to have a voice in many issues which directly affect them.

Ishbel is currently Chair of AAPT and has been involved in the rewriting of the education programme for APTs so that it fits with the Modernising Scientific Careers Practitioner Training Programme. 

Previously APTs were part of the Voluntary Registration Council group of aspirational registrants but they have now transferred over to the AHCS Register.

Outside of work she enjoys fishing trips to Orkney where her mobile phone doesn't get a signal and also following the Scottish Rugby Team regardless of results.

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