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Dr Helen Patterson

Consultant in Special Care Dentistry

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde


After working in residential care for individuals with disabilities for some years, I studied dentistry in Glasgow, graduating in 1996. I have worked in general dental practice, hospital and community/public dental services in Scotland and the US. In 2010 I was appointed NHS Consultant in Special Care Dentistry in Greater Glasgow and Clyde.  My clinical work focuses on the provision of oral healthcare to adults with complex needs in particular those with medically compromising conditions.

Prevention of dental disease is important for all of us so we can smile, communicate and eat comfortably. We have become increasingly aware of the impact poor oral health can have on our general health. Individuals dependent on others for their personal care deserve the best oral health they can achieve with the help of their carers. It can be difficult to address what may be complex needs and Open Wide will help to guide carers to the best way to support individuals' oral health. Starting at home, improved oral health should reduce the need for intervention from the dentist. I am delighted to be involved with this programme to improve the oral and general health of adults with additional needs.

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