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Dr Harriet Mowat

Managing Director

Mowat Research Ltd

Harriet Mowat has worked with Health Care Chaplains in the UK and Australia helping to develop a robust research base for chaplaincy and spiritual care.  This hasn’t always been easy.  Chaplaincy and spiritual care do not lend themselves easily to empirical enquiry.  However, the field has developed a great deal in 20 years and chaplains are showing their creative research skills more and more. Harriet was theologian in residence at St Johns College Durham University recently where the entire week was devoted to research methods in spiritual care.  The emergence of the Doctorate in Practical Theology as a degree offered by a variety of Universities shows the developing interest in research method as part of good spiritual care practice.  Harriet’s life long interests centre on the ageing self and the implications of ageing in our current society.  A recent project called the “purple bicycle” provides a way of being  with older people with dementia which lifts  their spirits and the spirits of those who care for them.  This work has been developed with Professor John Swinton from Aberdeen University.  In addition, Harriet is writing a book with her husband Donald called “Living Without Triumph” which looks at the context and practice of ageing from a Christian point of view in a secular environment.   Mostly however,  Harriet is trying to “do” ageing well by learning how to be creative as a goal in itself, walking the dogs, gardening, paying attention to exercise, and living in the moment without worrying too much about tomorrow.  A serious challenge to all who aspire to live well into old age.“


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