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Ewelina Rydzewska

Research Associate

Scottish Learning Disabilities Observatory, University of Glasgow

Ewelina joined the Institute of Health and Wellbeing as a Research Associate in March  2015, working in the Scottish Learning Disabilities Observatory.  Prior to commencing employment at the University of Glasgow, she worked for Autism Network Scotland at the University of Strathclyde.

In the past, Ewelina has been involved in a number of research projects on autism spectrum disorder (ASD) conducted both within academia and other sectors, including health, social care as well as autism and learning disability charities. In her work at the Scottish Learning Disabilities Observatory, she is investigating population demographics, health needs and determinants of health for people on the spectrum living in Scotland.

Ewelina’s interests evolve around the experiences of life course transitions. In her work, she looks at processes of social and health inequality, mobility, inclusion and justice. She is particularly interested in patterns of vulnerability for people with ASD, including investigating common co-morbid conditions such as mental health problems and other additional difficulties such as risk behaviours. From a sociological perspective, her research is focused on patterns of social participation, forms of engagement and life aspirations. From a psychological perspective, Ewelina’s work is concerned with notions of self-awareness, self-concept, identity and autonomy.

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