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Esther Walker


Forum Interactive

Dr Esther Walker and Tess Allen are two Directors of Forum Interactive, a learning and development consultancy that specialises in using drama and storytelling methodologies to explore issues to do with workplace culture, attitudes and behaviour.  They have worked closely over the years with health and social care providers, designing and delivering learning events, programmes and resources to improve care culture, develop leadership capacity and support policy implementation.  Recent work includes ‘Sliding Doors’ (linked to Reshaping Care for Older People and the Integration Agenda), ‘Compassionate Connections’ (linked to Refreshed Framework for Maternity Services), ‘Let’s Talk About It’, ‘What Happens in Care Homes at Night’ and ‘Nutrition in Care Homes’ (linked to care for older people), ‘Catch my Eye’, ‘Woman on a Trolley’ (patient’s experience), ‘Anna’s Story’ (long term conditions). 

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