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David Turner

Consultant Clinical Scientist in Histocompatability and Immunogenetics

NHS National Services Scotland

David began his training in 1992 in Manchester as a supernumerary Clinical Scientist trainee working in the field of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (known, thankfully, as H&I).  H&I departments, of which there are only ~25 around the UK, are involved in HLA testing to ensure compatibility in solid organ and stem cell transplantation, platelet provision and other diagnostic testing.

Having completed his training and a PhD in Manchester David moved to London and worked in NHSBT departments in Colindale and Tooting.  Following completion of RCPath examinations in H&I, he moved to Edinburgh in 2008 and now forms part of the team that manages the H&I related departments within SNBTS. 

Over the years David has been involved in the training of Clinical Scientists via the ACS route and the STP scheme, BMS via the Specialist Portfolio and in MSc and PhD projects. he used to represent H&I at the ACS and is currently on the BSHI Education Board and the European Federation for Immunogenetics (EFI) Education Committee. 

David has recently volunteered to be a Clinical Scientist/BMS equivalence assessor with the AHCS, although this new role has not yet been used.  Given difficulties in recruitment into senior scientist roles in various disciplines, he believes we have to take every opportunity to maximise the potential of our staff irrespective of their starting points and affiliations.

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