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David Holland

Project Lead

Keele University Benchmarking Service

David Holland is the Project Lead at the Keele University Benchmarking Service based in Staffordshire, England. He leads delivery of a range of National Pathology Benchmarking Programmes, in addition to being heavily involved in pathology research, particularly via the ACB West Midlands.

David is a data analyst by trade, but has become fascinated by the world of pathology since he began working at Keele over 10 years ago. He has a unique ‘overhead’ view of pathology, and access to a broad range of UK-wide data and statistics that he hopes will empower pathology to become the hub of high quality and cost effective patient care.

His view isn’t just limited to the UK, either. David is currently working on a national pathology benchmarking programme in Australia, having previously contributed towards a successful pathology transformation project in Adelaide.

David has been involved in a number of recent paper publications, including two around diabetes (with another two in the pipeline). Whilst the benchmarking programmes are the ‘bread and butter’ of his day job, David’s passion lies in his research projects, particular those which are looking to provide evidence around pathology’s positive impact on patient outcomes.

In his spare time David is a keen musician, and plays in a rock band in his native Stoke-on-Trent. He is also a published poet, and a passionate supporter of Liverpool Football Club (for his sins).

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