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Dr Christine De Placido

Senior Lecturer in Speech and Hearing Sciences

Queen Margaret University

Christine qualified as an Audiologist from the School of Audiology in Glasgow in 1975. She then moved from Lanarkshire to Edinburgh to work at the Royal Infirmary in 1976. She set up a paediatric outpatients clinic at RHSC 1980 in Edinburgh and became senior Audiologist.

In 1985 she moved to Fife as Head of Hospital and community audiology services. In 1992 she obtained her MSc in Audiology and in 1995 she became Principal Audiological Scientist. In 2000 she qualified as a Humanistic Counsellor and Registered hearing aid dispenser. In 2015 she moved to Queen Margaret University as a Lecturer in Speech and Hearing Science and in 2016 became a senior Audiologist and professional lead for Audiology.
In 2006 she obtained a Senior lectureship. Her particular interest is rehabilitation and she obtained her PhD in 2016.

She has served on many professional bodies over the years as Education and Training Secretary, Honorary Secretary and Vice Chair of the British Academy of Audiology Technicians, Co-Director of Education Accreditation and Registration; British Academy of Audiology, Chair of the equivalence group neurophysiology and director of the council of the Association of Clinical scientists. She is currently an assessor for both the Academy and the ACS.

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