Forthcoming Events

Healthcare Science Postgraduate Scientist Trainees in NHSScotland - What Can You Do?

Friday 23 January 2015

COSLA, Edinburgh

Deadline for registering: Tuesday 13 January 2015

Healthcare Science Postgraduate Scientist Trainees in NHSScotland - What Can You Do? Friday 23 January 2015

NHS Education for Scotland invites healthcare science postgraduate scientist trainees and supervisors of postgraduate HCS trainees to our third national event specifically for this important group. This year’s focus is on trainee experience in navigating the options for their development as a postgraduate scientist. By trainees - for trainees, the day will include workshops that cover the experience of people going through clinical scientist portfolio submission, those that have experience of Academy for Healthcare Science equivalence bids, and people following specialty development without the intention of further registration. We have keynote speakers giving an insight into innovation and, literally, going the extra mile in their career journey. The leadership and future contribution of scientists to the challenges faced by the NHS will depend on how well our current postgraduate scientists are being prepared, and how proactive trainees are in seeking out personal development.

Our shared framework for postgraduate scientist development is the Common Core List, which highlights key attributes to nurture in postgraduate scientific staff. Regardless of identity, specialty or destination, today’s event is an opportunity to hear about that development.

Posters and Prizes

Science is about communication. Today’s event is a great way to tell colleagues about any aspect of your work as a scientist, perhaps where you have led a project, been involved in some service improvement or introduced a new technique. Explain why it is important and the benefit. Individual submission prizes of £200 towards CPD support, or £700 for joint submissions up to 3 trainees.

Prize winners will be exhibited on the NES website as exemplars.

Our event is free with complimentary lunch.

Who Should Attend?

Healthcare Postgraduate Trainees and Supervisors