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RRHEAL (Remote and Rural Healthcare Education Alliance)

RRHEAL is part of NHS Education for Scotland, supporting inclusive access and at distance educational engagement.  RRHEAL develops educational tools and links to material specifically relevant to teams supporting health and social care for remote, rural and island populations of Scotland.

The Remote and Rural Healthcare Education Alliance (RRHEAL) and the Scottish Rural Medicine Collaborative (SRMC) have worked in partnership to develop a programme of work across Scottish Remote, Rural and Island Boards to develop and promote a new multidisciplinary Rural Advanced Practice (RAP) education pathway at SCQF level 11.

There is global recognition that Higher Education institutions need to ensure that educational programmes meet the needs of the population, delivering evidence based, socially accountable education.

A truly multi-disciplinary approach is essential for the improvement of health and social care services for remote and rural communities.

The purpose of the pathway is to ensure that healthcare professionals are equipped with the right knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to deliver healthcare in the most remote and rural parts of the country competently and to experience ‘Joy’ in their work.

Find out more about the Multidisciplinary Remote and Rural Advanced Practice Education Pathway:

1. The Consultation work undertaken for the development of the Multidisciplinary Rural Advanced Practice Education Pathway

Trish Gray - https: //

2. The Multidisciplinary Rural Advanced Practice Education Pathway and the Associated Competencies

Claire Savage - https: //
3. The next steps planned for the Multidisciplinary Rural Advanced Practice Education Pathway

Carrie Walton - https: //

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