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8th National Scottish Medical Education Conference 26 - 27 April 2018

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Medical Education Parallel Sessions
Information on the Parallel Sessions can be found on the downloadable document to the right.

Medical Appraisal Parallel Sessions

Session 1.
QA of Appraisal Process in Primary and Secondary Care
Dr Eddie Doyle, Secondary Care Appraisal Lead NHS Lothian and Dr Janice Oliver, Primary Care Appraisal Lead NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde   

An interactive workshop on how Appraisal is Quality Assured

Session 2 & 11.
Challenging and Tricky Appraisals   
Dr Niall Cameron, National Appraisal Lead for Scotland and Mr Harry Peat, Training Manager, Medical Appraisal and SOAR 

An interactive workshop looking at some more challenging situations that appraisers might encounter  

Session 3.
Recognition of Trainers and Appraisal Professor
Ronald MacVicar, Postgraduate Dean and National Lead for Recognition of Trainers

A look at aspects of Recognition of Trainers requires an appraiser to consider 

Session 4 & 9.
Persuasion and Negotiation Skills for Appraisers
John McKinlay, Training & Education Manager, NHS Education for Scotland

An interactive workshop that will discuss persuasion and negotiation as might be required by appraisers 

Session 5 & 8.
GMC Updates on Appraisal and Revalidation Speakers to be confirmed

GMC leads will present current and emergent work that relates to Appraisal

Session 6.
Improving Supporting Information - Quality not Quantity 
Dr Susi Caesar, Academy of Royal Colleges AoMRC) Chair of Revalidation and Professional Development Committee

A look at developments and latest thinking on Supporting Information and its role in the appraisal process

Session 7 & 10.
Transactional Analysis in Appraisal 
Dr Marie Wilson

How transactional analysis may be a part of the appraisal process