Forthcoming Events

Achieving Excellence in Pharmacy Education Friday 27 April 2018

Pharmacy Technicians – Initial education and vocational training

Workshop Leads:
Chair: Val Findlay, National Co-ordinator Pharmacy Support Staff Educational Development, NES
Arlene Turnbull, Pharmacy Technician, NHS Forth Valley and NES

This workshop will summarise the development of initial education and training standards and a national educational framework for Pharmacy Technicians in Scotland.

Development of experiential learning in Scotland

Workshop Leads:

Chair: Dr Ailsa Power, Associate Postgraduate Pharmacy Dean, NES
Dr Anne Boyter, University of Strathclyde
Alyson Brown, Robert Gordon University
Heather Harrison, Principal Lead (Initial Education and Training for Pharmacists), NES
Gail Craig, Principal Lead (Pre-Registration Pharmacist Scheme (PRPS), NES
Fiona McMillan, Principal Lead (Vocational Training), NES

This workshop will update delegates on the progress of experiential learning in relation to undergraduate, pre-registration, and vocational training.

Learning pathway for GP Clinical Pharmacists & Pharmacy Technicians

Workshop Leads:
Chair: Fiona Reid, Principal Lead (Prescribing and Clinical Skills), NES
Dr Catriona Mathieson, Health Research Consultant
Professor Marion Bennie,University of Strathclyde
Professor Derek Stewart, Robert Gordon University

This workshop will update delegates on the learning pathway for advanced GP Clinical Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians, and summarises the initial findings of evaluation of this pathway.

GPhC: What’s new in relation to education

Workshop Leads:
Chair: Evelyn McPhail, Director of Pharmacy, NHS Fife
Lynsey Cleland, Director for Scotland, General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC)
Osama Ammar, Head of Revalidation, GPhC
Dr Leon Zlotos, Principal Lead (Professional Development), NES

This workshop will provide an update on anticipated GPhC developments in relation to new initial education and training standards, the introduction of revalidation and potential changes to prescribing supervision, and the impact on education for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians.